Decision-making Process for Parents of Deaf or Hard of Hearing Children in Washington State
Parents grapple with decisions every day. Decisions such as, "What kind of food to feed my child?", "What school will they attend?", "How much screen time they will use, or not use?" As parents of Deaf or Hard of Hearing children the amount of decisions increases which have profound developmental consequences. Parents, therefore, may feel pressure to make the most accurate and timely decision.

The purpose of this short 5-10 minute survey is to find out from Washington State parents what the decision-making process was like for you, and how we can improve ways of supporting families during this process.

Please consider helping us gather this information by taking this survey before April 28. Your time is greatly appreciated!

Those conducting this survey are Christine Griffin and Kristina Wendorf, parent leaders with Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side program. Results from this survey will be woven into a presentation, "Decision-making Process for Parents of Deaf or Hard of Hearing Children" at the Infant and Early Childhood Conference on May 4, 2017 in Tacoma Washington. If you wish to learn the results from this survey it will be available after May 22. 2017.

Parents or family members taking this survey will remain completely anonymous; however, at the end of this survey we will ask if you wish to be contacted for a 15 minute follow-up interview during the week of April 24-28. For additional questions, please contact Christine Griffin at (425) 268-7087 or You may also go to to learn more about Washington State Hands & Voices.

Thank you,
Christine Griffin and Kristina Wendorf

Washington State Hands & Voices
Guide By Your Side

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