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What is a Beta Reader?
A beta reader is someone who reads an author’s unpublished work/manuscript for the purpose of providing constructive feedback as a reader. Their feedback is in intricate part of the editing and revising process for the writer and is a very important part of the author’s journey.

Beta reading is not editing and will not require you to search for grammar or punctuation mistakes within the manuscript. Unless you can't help yourself then by all means. :)

What to expect as a Beta Reader for Kelly Jean Taylor:
I, as an author, request feedback on my work to create the best story possible for my readers.

If interested, you will receive part or a whole manuscript and are requested to provide feedback about that particular section which may include characters, plotting, scenes, punctuation, grammar, etc. Whatever you feel would provide the best feedback. If you like to go through it multiple times for different areas of the process, really, who am I to stop you? Just know that I am eternally grateful for any and all of your feedback!

A deadline may be given to respond as I am on a production schedule and wish to not veer from it.

What do I get in return for Beta Reading?
You, as a beta reader, will not only receive advanced reading materials, but will also receive a free copy of the completed manuscript in an ebook format of your choice for assisting in this process.

See below on how to qualify.

What I am looking for in a Beta Reader:
~ Avid readers of Paranormal Romance and Fantasy Fiction.
~ Those who can provide detailed and thorough feedback on my work.
~ Those who can articulate their thoughts and explain the ‘why’ of their reasonings to provide useful and constructive feedback.
~ Those who are attuned to deadlines and can keep to a schedule as I strive for my own deadlines. (If I have one. Sometimes I don't like to rush.)
~ Those who can show respect while providing constructive criticism. No one likes a jerk, so don't be one! If you find you can't contain it, well vent to your best friend before sending your feedback, please.
~ Those who will respect my work as it is important to me and my career as an author. That means no sharing or distributing without consent. Again, don't be a jerk. No one like a jerk. If you know someone who might be interested, send them a link to where you found this.
~Those who will enjoy my stories and find inspiration in my words. Yes, you may use my stories for your inspiration, but please don’t steal my work. No one likes a thief either, unless it's a character in your story.
Beta Reader Process:
1. Hopefully you have read up until this point, if you haven’t I highly recommend returning to the top to read all information provided. Review requirements to continue.

2. If you are interested, please complete the application that follows and please be truthful in your answers. (There is nothing more important that trust and honesty between working partners, which is essentially what we would be.)

3. Once complete I will review each application and will get back to you via email as soon as I can with a response. Unfortunately, in the case there is an overflow of applications, I may not be able to keep my head on straight to work with so many people, but as I'm just starting, you may not need to worry.

4. To qualify for your free copy of the completed ebook in your choice of format, you must, to the best of your ability, providing constructive feedback during the beta reading process. Please provide reasons for your answers. For example, please don’t just reply with “I liked the character, setting, plot.” Please tell my why you liked the character(s), setting, plot, etc. That information will give me a better understanding of how you as the reader are seeing my work.

5. There will be an agreed upon period of one to two months to see if we work well together and will part ways with no questions asked if either party is not satisfied, if it really comes to that.

Note: Not everyone will become a beta reader at this time as I am only filling a few spots. If you would like to be further notified on openings or updates please be sure to answer the last two questions. (I feel I need to put this just in case, so please bear with me.)

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