Please complete this form in order to enroll in one of our IT Training courses. Be sure to fill in your details as completely as possible.  Ensuring that you state which course you will take. Once we receive this form, we will direct you to go through a Prep Course in order for us to have an idea of your skills and knowledge. Once we review and revert with our assessment, the same email will let you know if you are accepted, and where we will tell you to start. Upon getting that reply from us, then proceed to make the payment required. We are currently accepting payments via TigoPesa at #0679-993-728 (Merita Technologies TIN #149-238-670). Once you have paid, please email the payment confirmation to us. As soon as the payment is received, we will sign you up for the course indicated, enrolling you into our Platform HiTech Learning Center. You will need to come to the Hub to go through a short orientation, and log in to the portal to start. Any question, please let us know immediately.

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