Invictus 2 Post Event Letter for NPCs/Staff
Thank you for helping pull together a great Invictus Event! Your thoughts are greatly appreciated and will help us to make the next game better for all those attending.
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Date of Event *
Where did you want your CP sent? *
You can send it to any game we have an exchange with or you can bank it.
What did you do this weekend?
What roles did you play and what encounters did you assist with?
What was the highlight of your weekend?
Your coolest moment? Your favorite plot? Module? Role? All of the above?
Which PC's did your interact with, and are they expecting any follow-up from your NPC or plot in general?
What type of roles do you enjoy? Did you play any roles you would like to play again at a future event?
Do you have any feedback about the food service?
Do you have any other comments about the game?
Did you help with Setup or Cleanup?
If so, please tell us what you did.
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