Electronic Components & Systems (ECS) Community - SME Survey
SME's are a crucial component of collaborative innovation in Europe. Many funding instruments actively try to encourage more SME participation in projects, but it is well understood that it is not always an easy decision for an SME to make.

This survey has been organised by the AENEAS SME Engagement Council and is supported by the Industrial Associations (AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA, EPoSS), the ECSEL JU, the European Commission & EUREKA - along with a wide range of ecosystems across Europe with strong links to the Electronic Components & Systems (ECS) Community. Through this survey we want to understand both motivation for and barriers to wider SME involvement in programmes funded by National Governments and the European Commission.

The survey will be distributed by these organisations to the ecosystems that they support. This means you may receive more than one survey. Please only complete it once as the data will be consolidated in a single database. We much appreciate your time in completing this survey, the results of which will be used to inform both current and future funding programmes.

No personal information will be collected or retained, and the survey is fully anonymous, with no way to link the answers to any specific SME. The data is solely for the use of informing the organising organisations and will only be used to improve the funding programmes designed to provide support to SME's interested in collaborative innovation projects.
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