Early Years Research Priority Setting
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Who we are:
Public Health Wales (PHW) is an NHS organisation that provides professional independent public health advice and services to protect and improve the health and well-being of the population of Wales.
Our focus is on seven key areas, one of which is early years (from pregnancy to age 7 years).
Understanding and addressing the gaps in our knowledge to inform action:
We are undertaking an early years research priority setting exercise to identify the gaps in public health knowledge in this age group. It will inform our research needs so that we may set the research agenda for Wales so that we may maximise how healthy people are and prevent illness.
Your views are important to us - whether or not you are involved research:
We understand that early years public health is a broad focus and expect that many people will want to be involved who are from diverse backgrounds; professionals and non-professionals alike. So your input is appreciated whomever you are and whatever your interest in this project.
What will we do with the findings?:
They will be used to inform further stages of the project. The end-point will be a list of priorities for research over the next ten years and a resulting research agenda. Our findings will be published on our website in a report and sent to stakeholders whom have expressed an interest.
Taking part:
We invite you to share your opinions of where the gaps in knowledge and understanding of public health in the early years are. You can do so by completing the following, short questionnaire which will take approximately 10 minutes.

You may submit responses based on your own personal experience and/or on behalf of your organisation.
We would appreciate any details you can provide to contextualise your responses.
Please try to highlight any experience which relates to the topics.

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