Yes! I am ready to get involved to Stop Adani
It is so great to have you ready to take action to Stop Adani and demand our corporations and governments represent us - by transitioning to a cleaner and brighter future for all!

We are a powerful grassroots movement, but that movement still needs you YOU to keep the Galilee Basin free of coal mines once and for all.

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There are three grassroots options presented below - one or all may spark your interest! A little bit about them:

Galilee Blockade:
You read our post or watched our video footage! We are a grassroots group that is targeting Wagners (who are building Adani's FIFO airport) and Politicians using disruptive Non Violent Direct Action tactics. We will be very active in this space!
Check out:

Frontline Action on Coal:
This is a grassroots group that is on the Adani frontline in central Queensland and also in local regions - acting to stop all new coal. They have been doing powerful actions to stop Adani's work on the frontline, and there will be more to come for sure. You can get involved in Central Qld or locally.
Check out:

A grassroots network of local groups, mostly engaging politicians with creative actions.
Check out:

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