Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund Mentoring Application
Thank you for your request in participating as mentor to recipients of the Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund!

Our goal is to create a program that will encourage the development of meaningful relationship between each mentor and mentee. To participate, you need to go through a screening process.

First, we want to know more about you and your interest and skills so we can better match the interests of mentors and mentees. Please take the time to answer the brief list of questions below. Second, complete the application below; all information you provide will be kept confidential.
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Personal References
To ensure the safety of the program participants, CHA Scholarship Fund will be checking personal references on every applicant. Please list two people who know you well and can attest to your to your character, skill, and dependability.
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want to serve as a mentor for Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund. I understand that a third-party investigative agency may be called in to conduct background check on all volunteer applicants prior to their acceptance into the program. Any information obtained by the investigative agency conducting the background check will be used only in connection with the applicant's participation in Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund's Mentoring Program.

If accepted as a volunteer for Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund, I agree to adhere to the Program Guidelines outlined with Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund.
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