Information Survey
Please take two minutes (or less) to answer these questions! The answers will help me learn how much you already know and what you need to learn to find the information you need in the library!--Mr. Bradford, Librarian
How To Scan QR Codes with Your Smartphone
What grade are you in? *
How many times have you visited the library webpage this year? ( *
Do you have a Gmail account? *
Do you know how to create and save a Google Doc? *
Did you download and install the free QR Code Reader app on your smartphone? *
Do you know how to use the library catalog ( to find books in the library? *
Remember to bring your smartphone (with the QR Code Reader app installed) to the library!
Try scanning this QR Code and see what happens!
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Do you want candy when you visit the library? (If you answer "yes" you should have completed this survey!) *
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