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If so, how many do you own, what are their ages and their genders? *
Do you have intact males? *
In what type of cage will you house your new gliders? (materials, where you got it and dimensions) *
What sources have you used when researching sugar gliders? (websites, forums, books) *
How long have you been researching? *
Do you have any other pets? *
If so, will they have access to the sugar glider cage? (Please remember that cat saliva is toxic to sugar gliders. Also know that sugar gliders can kill any small pet birds and should never be kept in the same cage or room) *
Which room are you planning to keep your glider in? Will they be in a basement? *
Do you have a knowledgeable exotic vet? *
Do sugar glider teeth need to be trimmed? *
Should sugar gliders be given baths? *
What is HLP? *
How is HLP prevented? *
Why are exposed seams (in bonding pouches, on toys, etc) dangerous to sugar gliders? *
Should sugar gliders be kept in pairs? Why or why not? *
Do you understand that breeding without lineage can result in inbred babies? Inbred babies can have all sorts of problems that include blindness, tremors, missing limbs and cannibalization by the mother. Even if you get two sugar gliders from different states, they can still be related. The only way to know avoid inbreeding is to have lineaged gliders. *
Do you know how to safely introduce new gliders to your current ones (to reduce possibility of fighting)? *
Do you understand that if two unneutered males are kept together, they can fight to the death? *
Do sugar gliders show symptoms of the illness early? *
If you rent, will your landlord allow sugar gliders? *
Do you understand that sugar gliders are illegal in some states? *
Have you researched staple diets? *
What diet will you be feeding your gliders? *
What are some foods that should never be fed to gliders? *
What glider-safe wheel will you be using? *
Should gliders be allowed outside? Why or why not? *
Will you catch bugs around the house and feed them as treats? *
Will young children (under 12 years) be allowed to handle sugar gliders unsupervised? *
What is the easiest way to check for dehydration? *
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