SheepCamp expression of interest
As we begin to organize SheepCamp, the mapathon/hackathon/workshop/collaborative learning camp, we'd like your input to make this event most successful.
We are planning on holding the event at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, KY over a weekend in June. We would like for you to attend.
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We'd like to start the event with "lightning talks" from our participants so we know what everybody is working on. What would you be willing to give a lightning talk about (title if possible)?
(a lightning talk is an informal research talk of approximately 10 minutes held at a local pub, research does not need to be finalized or formalized)
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We would like to have an un-conference exchange of skills session. What skills would you be able to teach or share with other participants?
Please list the skill and any hardware/software necessary
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Are there any particular skills you'd like to gain while at SheepCamp?
Alternatively, are there any themes you'd like to discuss informally (like a teach-in)
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Is there anything you would like to share with the organizing committee?
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Are you available for sheep camp on:
Where will you be coming from to come to Lexington? How would you get here? Would you most likely be driving? Flying? Riding a horse?
If you are driving, would you be open to carpooling with another participant from your region?
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Do you (or your institution) have funding available to facilitate your participation at this event?
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STUDENTS ONLY: We have very limited funding for this event. Would you be more likely and able to attend if we provided a small travel stipend?
How much would you need and for what purpose? Priority funding is to maximize participation and travel to Lexington.
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Other information
We are brainstorming options for meals and lodging. Do you have any particular constraints in this regard?
(Vegetarian/kosher/halal, require same-sex housing/accommodations, wheelchair accessible, willingness to sleep in sleeping bag, etc...)
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Do you have any concerns or problems with attending this event?
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