BLK SHP Small Groups
For years, television host Mr. Rodgers had a small piece of paper with a quote on it in his wallet to remind him of the importance of genuine relationships. It read, "Frankly, there isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love once you've heard their story."

For artists, culture makers, entrepreneurs and professional misfits alike, the power of hearing and sharing life stories can be life-changing. Sharing stories needs its moment among the barrage of meetups and networking events, a moment to unlock creativity among those with diverse minds yet similar values.

We invite you to be a part of a series of conversations designed to foster genuine relationships among creatives called BLK SHP Small Groups. Join us, all are welcome!

To make a small group possible, you only need 3 things:
1. A Leader: Leaders are responsible for organizing your small group, facilitating discussion and summarizing the conversation for others to be inspired. If you are interested in becoming a small group leader, download the toolkit below.

2. Members: Anyone can join a BLK SHP Small Group, best size for a small group is between 4-6 people.

3. A Meeting Place: Conversation is meant to be informal so meeting places should be informal too! A home, a coffee shop, a favorite restaurant or a community space.

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