The Effects Of Cyberbullying
I am doing a research project on Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is known as: "the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature." There are actually 10 different types of cyberbullying which be later explained in this quiz. 1) Exclusion 2) Harassment 3) Outing 4) Cyberstalking 5) Fraping 6) Fake Profiles 7) Dissing 8)Trickery 9)Trolling 10)Catfishing. I appreciate you taking the time to take this short quiz. It will be very helpful to write this paper and create an awareness and prevention in what is going on today's society. Feel free to be anonymous taking this quiz if that makes your more comfortable. I have personally been the victim of cyberbullying and know the effects. If you are feeling depressed and suicidal please reach out and call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800)-273-8255 or tell someone you trust. You are not alone!
-Tanja Lunney
Have you been a victim of cyberbullying?
How old are you?
Have you been the victim of exclusion? (Exclusion is the deliberate act of leaving you out...can be parties, activities, online conversations,ect)
Have you been the victim of harassment? (A sustained, constant, and intentional form of bullying comprising abusive or threatining messages sent to you)
Have you been the victim of Outing? (The deliberate act to embarrass or publicly humiliate you through the online posting of sensitive, private, or embarrassing information without your consent)
Have you been the victim of Cyberstalking? (Making threats to your physical well being and/or safety. Can also refer to the practice of others trying to meet up with you continually even though you have said no)
Have you been the victim of Fraping? (When someone logs into your social media account and impersonates you by posting inappropriate content under your name)
Have you been the victim of Fake Profiles? (Profiles created to hide the other person's real identity with the intention of cyberbullying you)
Have you been the victim of Dissing? (The act of sending or posting cruel information about you online to damage your reputation or friendship with others)
Have you been the victim of trickery? (The act of someone gaining your trust so they can reveal secrets or embarrassing content that they can share publicly online)
Have you been the victim of Trolling? (The deliberate act of provoking a response through the use of insults or bad language on online forums and social network sites)
Have you been the victim of Catfishing? (Another person steals your identity and recreates social networking profiles for deceptive purposes)
If you have been a victim of any of the above, has this effected your mental health?
Do you think that there are things that can be done to prevent cyberbullying?
Do you have any suggestions that you think would help prevent cyberbullying? Please comment below!
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Any other comments or concerns?
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