This form is to be used by all MySPURT clients to declare what they want to do with their SPURT, in connection with the Terms and Conditions from November 18, 2018 and the Addendum.
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MySPURT account number *
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Please enter here all SPURT account numbers you have in your household and your business *
This does not count for your children living on their own, nor for friends you registered.
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Be aware that you do not need to decide NOW.
If you, for example, are controling the accounts for your grandchildren, you might just want to keep the SPURT in the accounts until a later time. In fact you are then choosing Option 3, but since you do NOT request to buy SPUCrypto, you do not need to pay the requested 10 Euro. The 10 Euro are ONLY applicable if you want to buy SPUCrypto now.
I understand the options offered and choose: *
I agree that when I choose Option ONE, I cannot come back to MySPURT, if I am not satisfied with the results of the business I had to undertake and ask for SPUCrypto at a later time. *
I agree that when I choose Option TWO, I sell my total SPURT and will receive, automatically, SPUCrypto. *
I do not need to do anything to buy SPUCrypto, because I signed this agreement.
I agree that when I choose Option THREE, I will have to pay 10 Euro upfront for the first buy/sell and the amount available to buy SPUCrypto will never exceed the original SPUCrypto offer and will even be reduced by 10%. *
Please enter your ETHER Crypto Address, starting with 0x. If you have more, please add more addresses. *
When you expect more than 5Million, please add more than one address, preferably one for each 10 Million. If you don't have an Ether Address yet, please set one up following
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For Option 3 the first amount I want to buy SPUCrypto for is:
You will be able to discuss other transactions with your PAM
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I want to close my account after all SPUCrypto is bought.
I am grateful with what I have and will not try to circumvent the rules and increase my value in any way. I am aware that I risk, that my account and that of the party I wish to get more, will be disabled.
By submitting this form, you declare to have provided correct and honest information and you agree to the above statement.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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