Addendum to Layton Primary School Behaviour Policy - Your Agreement
In response to COVID19 we have added some additional wording with regard the school's behaviour policy. It is very important that you, as the primary carer, read and sign in agreement to this addendum, before your child can return to school. This is of paramount importance so that we are all working together to stay safe.

The agreement must be completed one for each child you have attending Layton Primary School
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Please understand that you will be asked to read, understand and sign this for every child that is enrolled at Layton Primary School (as outlined above)
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Addendum to the Behaviour Policy
Below is the additional wording to support safe behaviours in school
Additional Wording (addendum) to Policy - New Systems
As of June 1st 2020, there is a specific need for children to behave differently due to the current circumstances and the risk coronavirus presents. When children return to school from 1st June 2020, new systems will be in place, these will be communicated to pupils, parents/carers and staff.

Children will be expected to:

* arrive at school at their allocated time for their bubble. Children will not be allowed into class if they are late.
* follow the altered routines for arrival and departure for their year group.
* follow school instructions on hygiene, such as hand washing and sanitising
* socialise and move around school within their bubble
* move around the school as per specific instructions (e.g one-way systems, out of bounds areas, queuing). Please note that this will be limited
* follow guidance around sneezing, coughing, tissues and disposal - catch it, bin it, kill it - and avoid touching their mouth, nose, eyes with hands
* tell an adult if they are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus
* follow the routines about sharing any equipment or other items, including drinking bottles
* understand the expectations at playtime - remain within allocated areas
* follow toileting routines set up by school
* any children displaying symptoms will need to isolate until collected
* children will not be allowed inside the school building alone during lunch time
* individual risk assessments will be completed with parents and carers for pupils with more challenging behaviour

Additional Wording to Policy - Expectations and Assurances
Children will be learning different routines in order to maintain safety. they will be expected to follow these swiftly, those who do not follow strict rules will be given two warnings. In the interests of everyone's safety, children will be sent home should they be unable to comply with the rules. We must have a zero tolerance approach to this in order to keep the school community safe.

* discuss this addendum to changes in school routine with their children before returning to school and agree to them
* provide updated contact details and be available during school hours in case of an emergency
* agree to collect their child from school if the policy is not followed
* collect their child from school should they displays symptoms
* drop off/pick up their child at the allocated time
* agree to a risk assessment for their child if their child has an EHC plan or their child's behaviour is a cause for concern

* they teach children of the importance and reasons for social distancing and ensure this is reinforced throughout the school day by staff through posters, electronic boards, floor markings. For young children this will be done through age appropriate methods such as stories and games
* staff will constantly model social distancing
* the movement of pupils around school will be minimised
* children and staff will remain within bubbles
* break times and lunch times are structured to support social distancing and are closely monitored
* senior leaders monitor and update the risk assessment where appropriate
* messages are sent to parents/carers to reinforce the important message of social distancing
* where appropriate, social distancing routines, will be in place
* risk assessments for children with EHC plans or children whose behaviour is a cause for concern are completed and shared with parents/carers
You can also visit our website to view the policy there
Now that you have read and understood the policy, please type your name below in agreement, so that we can, together, ensure behaviours are the same in school to ensure a safer school community during the COVID19 pandemic.
We require all main carers to have read and understood this policy. The person signing is doing so for themselves and with full agreement of all primary carers involved in your child's care. As primary carer you must ensure that the addition to the behaviour policy is reinforced with all children that attend Layton Primary School.
Signature of main primary carer of the child in full agreement and mutual support of the addendum to Layton Primary Behaviour Policy *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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