PSHE/RSE Parental Consultation Questionnaire
As part of your child’s education, we promote personal well-being and development through a comprehensive PHSE (Personal, Social & Health Education) curriculum. The scheme we use to support us in delivering this curriculum (Jigsaw) is developed from the PSHE association (government funded), which also includes RSE (Relationships & Sex Education). To gain an understanding of your views, we would appreciate if you could complete the following questionnaire.
1. I think PSHE and RSE are important aspects of the school curriculum.
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2. I understand what the new Relationships Education Curriculum will cover in primary school.
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3. I am pleased that my child will be learning about different aspects of relationships – including family structures, friendship, bullying, teamwork, growing up, feelings, stereotypes and consent.
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4. I feel happy to talk with my child about growing up and relationships.
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5. The school’s curriculum will help to keep my child to feel safe both on-line and in the real world.
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Are there any changes or additions that you think should be made to the PHSE/RSE policy or curriculum?
As a parent, do you feel like you need more information or guidance on specific topics?
How would this information be best communicated?
Are there any other comments you would like to make?
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