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Please fill out this form - so we have accurate information on your student. A different form MUST be annually completed for each student.

Lincoln Charter is required by the state and federal government to collect much of this personal information (i.e., EDS Data, home language information, etc.), however all information is confidentially maintained by the school.

***Please note that Lincoln Charter will verify the home address listed below with one of the following NC approved documents (citizenship card, driver's license, lease agreement, non-parent affidavit of residency, phone bill, purchase agreement, residence verification form, residency affidavit, tax bill, utility bill, or water bill).***

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EC/504/Additional Program Information
In order to serve your child appropriately and place him/her in appropriate classes, we must have copies of all prior testing for special services - as well as a copy of your child's current educational plan. Please include all relevant documentation with your child's registration. Additionally, please call Christy Hutchinson at 704-489-4343 to set up an appointment to review your child's educational plan with his/her teachers.
What is the first language the student learned to speak? *
? Que idioma aprendio a hablar primero el estudiante?
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? Que idioma habla el estudiante con mas frequencia?
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? Qhe idioma se habla en el hogar con mas frequencia?
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Economically Disadvantaged Students (EDS) Data
As required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, NCDPI is required to report test results for the following student subgroups: ethnic origin, students with disabilities, students identified as limited English proficient, and students identified as economically disadvantaged. To report on the economically disadvantaged subgroup, household income information is collected.
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