A Crafts Hodge-Podge November 16, 2019
Nov 16, 2019 10am - 12:30pm $5 each crafter - for ages 5 and up!

A hodge-podge is defined as a mixture of different things.

It's time to use up lots of leftover craft supplies and this sounds like just the thing. Some crafts I have all the supplies for many things, but crafters are welcome to bring things that you want decorated with beads, sequins or decoupage.

There is a link to some ideas of things to bring that you might like to decorate, but I'll have lots of things to make that you won't need extra items. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oXICKNyAwSoj0pD0s3NRmLjevxazIG2ORoGsp8PQg24/edit?usp=sharing
(best way is to copy the link and paste it into your browser. OR go to www.wnchistory.org/crafty-historian The link will be shareable from there.

Be prepared for a bit of confusion with lots of things going on, but it will be LOTS of fun!!
This might be the last Crafty Historian since our resident Crafty Historian will be resigning as of Nov 30 - so if you've been a fan of these events, this is not one you want to miss!

Fill out the reservation form here, and I'll email a confirmation to you. If you have questions before or after your reservation, be sure to email Lisa at education@wnchistory.org

Toward the end of the form you'll be asked which category of craft you might be interested in. This is so that I have an idea of some of the things I need to have out and available that morning!! You can choose more than just one!!
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