The FishBowl: A Draft Plan for Professional Learning in your school
Each time you return to this Form, a new Section will be present. We will direct you to the relevant Section during the day, and you can revisit/revise previous responses.

Your responses today will be collated on a shared Google Doc that will belong to you and which represents both your entire work during this workshop, as well as a drafted plan to take back to your school for further consultation and refinement.

Today is the beginning of a new beginning. We can't wait to work with you and see what happens next.

Thank you,
Ben & Steve
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Role, Department
Your school
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Number of teachers
Number of students
Summarise using keywords conditions that personally inspired real growth in you as a professional.
* What is your drafted 'definition' of for professional learning
Professional Learning Graphic
Copy/paste the URL of your graphic. Make sure your sharing is set correctly.
School Vision Statement
Copy/paste statement from your school website, or just a link to it
School Mission Statement (if applicable)
Copy/paste statement from your school website, or just a link to it
Our current initiatives and priorities
To be interpreted by you alone, but this question is asking you to consider any or all of the following prompts: What is the buzz in your school? What are the areas of growth for teachers, students or otherwise that your school is targeting or gearing up to target? What are you priorities?
What are some driving forces for a professional learning program at your school?
What are some limitations (restraining forces) for a professional learning program at your school?
* If you were able to propose a professional learning program for your school, how would you describe it?
How do you identify areas to target for professional learning? Be specific. Create a list. Identify partners in your school that can help you to calibrate needs with response.
What would an ideal schedule for professional develop look like. Consult your school's schedules if available.
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