SAP Radiology Assignment
Submit a case by giving a short HPI leading up to the imaging, include pertinent hospital events and outcomes.

DUE DATE: Two weeks prior to the postcede

Please share information about a patient with an interesting radiological finding during your time on the surgery clerkship.

This could be a patient on a sub-specialty, in the ED, or on a general surgery rotation. You can send information on a patient at YNHH (York St or Chapel St) or Bridgeport Hospital.

Selected submissions will be discussed with your classmates and a radiologist.

1. The MRN of one patient whose radiology findings were particularly interesting
2. 1-3 sentences about the patient's presentation
3. The date and type of study on which the interesting findings were identified (if multiple images of the same type on the same day, specify the time).
4. One sentence (in your own words) describing the radiology findings that were interesting -- do NOT cut and paste the radiology impression
5. One sentence about the patient's outcome

Do NOT send any images. Do NOT include any patient data except MRN

This assignment should take you no more than 15 minutes

An example of submissions from earlier this year is below for your reference:

MR: XXXXXX 74 yo female presents with SOB, cyanosis and tachycardia. 7/21/14 CTA chest saddle pulmonary embolus Pt was given heparin and tPA (due to size of embolus), spent a few days in hospital for monitoring, went home well.
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