Request for a Joint Venture | Cross Promotion
Thank you for thinking of Melanie for this opportunity. We have a VERY limited ability to promote our long-term, strategic partners so new opportunities are considered very carefully. Please provide as much detail as possible to help in our consideration. Our audience is primarily entrepreneurs, service based professionals and marketers. We do not promote products that are outside the entrepreneurial field.
What is the Promotion Offer?
Please explain what the name of the product or offering is that you wish to have promoted.
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Contact Name
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Contact Info
Please provide the phone number, email and any other relevant contact date for the contact.
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Contact Address
Please provide mailing address, city, state, zip, and country (if outside of the U.S.)
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Date of Promotion
What day will this promotion period start?
Your Marketing Materials
Please describe your marketing process and provide any marketing materials you have available.
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Please describe your offering in detail.
Who is it for, what problem does it solve, how does it work?
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How long has this product been in the marketplace?
Please explain how long you've had this program and what type of results you get with users.
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What is the price point for your offering?
Please state the product price as well as any payment options.
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Will others be presenting at this event?
Help us understand what the audience will experience if you are inviting other guests.
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What type of promotion ideas are you open to?
Please select the options you are open to exploring with Melanie
What is your incentive package for your partners?
Please describe your financial and any other incentives.
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What is your experience with promotions of this caliber?
Please explain your previous launches and promotions and the results you've achieved.
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Are there any other important details for us to know about your promotion request?
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Are you open to promoting Melanie's programs to your community as well?
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