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Thanks for your interest in contributing to this community database of continuous soil respiration (and other chamber fluxes for CO2 and/or CH4, published or unpublished) data!

Please fill out the form below, as completely as you can. We've tried to make this form, and required metadata, as short as possible; more information can be found at
I understand that contributed datasets will be made available under a CC-BY or similar license. This means that the COSORE database will be open without restriction to the science community; we strongly encourage database users to cite original publications and offer co-authorship, but it's not required. *
I have all necessary authority and permissions (legal or otherwise) to provide these data to the COSORE database. *
Once we've worked through the metadata below, we'll send you a custom data upload link. *
COSORE is a community database, and will always be open...but it's not an institutionally-backed repository like Figshare, DataONE, ESS-DIVE, etc. We recommend (but do not require) depositing your data in one of these first, and providing its DOI below. NOTE: you can do this for free through services like *
The first contributor below is assumed to be the primary point of contact.
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Other contributors (give name, ORCID, email, CRediT role)
Where it is and what's there.
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Network and Site ID if applicable (e.g. "Ameriflux US-MMF")
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Ecosystem age (years; typically, time since disturbance)
Publications, links, and acknowledgments
Let's ensure you get proper citations and credit!
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Measurement protocols
How you measured soil gas fluxes.
This dataset includes measurements of... *
Measurement instrument *
Timestamps in the data are *
Measurement length (seconds) *
Timestamps represent the... *
Plants removed from chambers? *
Opaque chambers? *
Mixing fan in chambers?
Clear selection
Chamber ground area (cm2)
Chamber volume (cm3)
Collar insertion depth (cm)
Multiplexer ports
Please indicate which, if any, of the chambers monitor a treatment (as opposed to an unmanipulated control). We'll get in touch to ask about treatment specifics.
Chamber/port treatments *
Port (chamber) 1
Port (chamber) 2
Port (chamber) 3
Port (chamber) 4
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Port (chamber) 8
If your port/treatment design is more complicated than what's above, we'll get in touch.
Chamber/ports all monitor the same species (from 'Site' section above)? *
Ancillary data
Ancillary can be measured in/next to each chamber (the first question below), or be general site characteristics (the second).
Ancillary data included
I have ancillary site data to contribute (LAI, NPP, etc)
Other things we should know about this dataset?
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