February Plan & Party Night
For the February Plan & Party Night, we reviewed Learning Events #11-12 and discussed the Servant Events that will be happening in March and April. Each small group is deciding what they would like to do. Please read the announcements and fill out the form below.

Next week - Servant Event - talk to your guides to see when/where you will be meeting
9th Graders - Second stole-making day is February 27th beginning at 9am in the Fellowship hall (optional but encouraged)
All students - if you want to help make the "ABCs of Easter" video, let Kjersten know.
All students - make sure you attend 2 youth activities and 9th graders must also attend 2 church meetings before our year ends in early April!
Student Name *
What is the 9th Commandment? *
What is the 10th Commandment? *
Why do we look at these commandments together while we are studying them? *
What is the difference between coveting something and wanting something? *
What is baptism? *
What do you need to baptize someone? *
What are some ideas you have for small group servant events? What could you do with your group to help our community? *
What is the best service that someone else has done for you? Ex: helped shovel snow, paid for a meal at a restaurant, etc. *
Stump the Presenter and Prayer Requests
If you have any questions for Stump the Presenter or any Prayer Requests, please fill them in below!
Stump the Presenter
Prayer Requests
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