Agility Report 2017
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1. How would you rate the degree of openness of communication within your project team? *
Written communication from remote
Verbal communication face to face
2. How would you rate the ability of your project team to manage themselves? *
Hierarchical order and command control are necessary
Auto-control and harmony
3. How much democratic are decisions taken in your project? *
No democracy, manager says
Democracy is essential, everyone is listened
4. How would you rate the overall level of involvement in your project? *
Just doing own job
Everyone tries to learn more about project
5. How would you rate the ability to respond to customer's change requests in your project? *
No change, only contract says
All changes, flexibility is ready
6. How often are deliverables released except for the final product/service in your project? *
No deliverable except for the final one
Final deliverable is often incremented step by step
7. How would you assess the validity of initial scope analysis in your project? *
Strong analysis, does not change
Weak analysis, changes during project
8. How would you rate the overall level of transparency in your project? *
No transparency, policies are strict
Completely transparent environment is supported by policies
9. How would you evaluate overall customer relationship in your project? *
Insufficient, it should be improved
Efficient, it should be remained same
10. How much of your project processes are conducted via online Systems? *
Whole project processes are conduct by manually
Whole project processes are conduct via online systems
11. How would you assess the approach of the documentation in your project? *
Heavily documentation for each
Efficient documentation if needed
12. How often may your customer be in the same location with you in your project? *
13. How about Customer Satisfaction at the end of your projects? *
Generally they don't satisfied for project deliverables
Most likely they satisfied project deliverables
14. How often you add your Operational co-workers to projects? *
There is no relation with Operational staff
They are a part of project team almost all relevant projects
15. How would you assess your personal Agile awareness? *
I haven't heard before that survey
I had Agile training and/or have a Agile certification
16. How would you rate the degree of simplicity of customer expectations in your project? *
No simplicity, expectations are so complex
Simplicity is essential, avoiding unnecessary complex ones.
17. Are the individuals involved able to replace with each others in your project? *
They are not, they know only their jobs
They are, they can manage the situation unexpected
18. How would you assess the sharing of success in your project? *
No sharing, project manager is accoutable
Sharing is high, everyone is recognized or awarded
19. How many projects are conduct with same project team simultaneously? *
At least 5 projects
They works just one project simultaneously
20. How would you rate satisfaction and motivation of your project team? *
Most of them are unsatisfied and not motivated
Most of them are satisfied and motivated
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