Agility Report 2017
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1. How would you rate the degree of openness of communication within your project team?
Written communication from remote
Verbal communication face to face
2. How would you rate the ability of your project team to manage themselves?
Hierarchical order and command control are necessary
Auto-control and harmony
3. How much democratic are decisions taken in your project?
No democracy, manager says
Democracy is essential, everyone is listened
4. How would you rate the overall level of involvement in your project?
Just doing own job
Everyone tries to learn more about project
5. How would you rate the ability to respond to customer's change requests in your project?
No change, only contract says
All changes, flexibility is ready
6. How often are deliverables released except for the final product/service in your project?
No deliverable except for the final one
Final deliverable is often incremented step by step
7. How would you assess the validity of initial scope analysis in your project?
Strong analysis, does not change
Weak analysis, changes during project
8. How would you rate the overall level of transparency in your project?
No transparency, policies are strict
Completely transparent environment is supported by policies
9. How would you evaluate overall customer relationship in your project?
Insufficient, it should be improved
Efficient, it should be remained same
10. How much of your project processes are conducted via online Systems?
Whole project processes are conduct by manually
Whole project processes are conduct via online systems
11. How would you assess the approach of the documentation in your project?
Heavily documentation for each
Efficient documentation if needed
12. How often may your customer be in the same location with you in your project?
13. How about Customer Satisfaction at the end of your projects?
Generally they don't satisfied for project deliverables
Most likely they satisfied project deliverables
14. How often you add your Operational co-workers to projects?
There is no relation with Operational staff
They are a part of project team almost all relevant projects
15. How would you assess your personal Agile awareness?
I haven't heard before that survey
I had Agile training and/or have a Agile certification
16. How would you rate the degree of simplicity of customer expectations in your project?
No simplicity, expectations are so complex
Simplicity is essential, avoiding unnecessary complex ones.
17. Are the individuals involved able to replace with each others in your project?
They are not, they know only their jobs
They are, they can manage the situation unexpected
18. How would you assess the sharing of success in your project?
No sharing, project manager is accoutable
Sharing is high, everyone is recognized or awarded
19. How many projects are conduct with same project team simultaneously?
At least 5 projects
They works just one project simultaneously
20. How would you rate satisfaction and motivation of your project team?
Most of them are unsatisfied and not motivated
Most of them are satisfied and motivated
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