Momentum Summer Camp #LevelUp
We are super excited to announce that we will be hosting a Momentum Summer Camp this summer!

Dates: Monday–Wednesday, August 20–22, 2018
Location: The Watershed Center

We'll spend three days together sharing tips and resources on story, strategy and structure with one another in a skillshare format. We'll get the opportunity to have deeper conversations, build stronger relationships, learn a lot, and have a fun and chill time.

At this summer camp, no participant will be a spectator!

Everyone who attends will be contributing in some way to shaping our time together - either by presenting a skillshare session, leading a summer camp game or exercise, or helping with logistics and planning. We're excited to learn from the creativity and lessons from each person.

Sign up now, applications close July 16th!

===== WHO SHOULD APPLY =====

Space at this gathering will be limited to approximately 30 participants. We will be prioritizing participants who have been to at least one full Momentum training, but all are welcome to apply.

We are accepting applications through Wednesday July 16th. We will be doing rolling acceptances, so apply soon! Spots will fill up quickly.

We are building a diverse cohort of participants, and will be drawing from across issues, organizational backgrounds, and identities. In the spirit of making this gathering accessible, we will be providing registration and travel scholarships according to need, and will be prioritizing people of color and communities that experience other structural barriers to access for scholarships.

===== ABOUT MOMENTUM =====

Momentum is supporting a generation of leaders to launch movements capable of winning a long-term vision of justice and democracy in the US. For four years, Momentum has been training thousands of activists, building a community of practice, and incubating “momentum-driven” movements here in the US that are grounded in lessons from social movement scholars and practitioners from across the globe. We are a vibrant learning community dedicated to developing the most committed and creative organizers to deepen in their craft and make what is truly necessary in our society politically possible. Learn more about us at

===== CONTACT =====

If you have questions, please contact Hani Ali at

We look forward to learning more about you!

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