Darkshore Pre-Registration
May 4–7, 2017

Use this form to Pre-Register for The War of the Darkshore XX: Labyrinth.

Only one submission per attendee! If you wish to Pre-Register multiple players, you must submit this form multiple times.

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Parents and other non-combatants: if you have signed an Amtgard waiver before attending this event, chances are you have Amtgard records being maintained at an Amtgard park. Select "Yes" and fill out those questions to the best of your ability. Cross-game players: unless you know for a fact that you have an Amtgard waiver on file somewhere at an Amtgard park, select "No" and fill out those questions. You will be required to bring to or fill out an Amtgard event at site. Underage attendees must have a parent's signature on the waiver. Underage attendees that arrive without their parents must have an event permission slip with them to be provided to gate staff.
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