Writers' Favorite Idioms
Hello, Fellow Writer!
I have long been fascinated by idioms, and I'd like to know what is your favorite one? (or two, I don't mind if you give me several.

An Idiom is a figurative expression which either has a meaning that cannot be determined from the combined words that make up the expression (ex: up in the air means undecided) or has grammatically atypical usage of words (ex. give way). - Definition from Merriam Webster

Dead as a doornail
Something smells fishy
He's a straight shooter
Knocked my socks off
Fight tooth and nail

Thank you so much for participating!
I will share the results, and whether or not there is a clear winner for favorite idiom on both my website, www.thedawdlingwriter.com and on my YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/c/thedawdlingwriter

Thanks again,
Jules the Dawdling Writer
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