Website Evaluation Assessment
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1. The terms CONTEMPORARY and UP-TO-DATE refer to a Website's: *
2. Why it important to evaluate a Website's currency? *
3. Your group has selected the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska as a research topic. As you are researching, you find a great Website about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge created by a man named Paul Brown who claims to work for the refuge. What should your next step be? *
4. You are responsible for writing a paper on the production of electricity in your state. Which resource is most likely to have objective information? *
5. You need to find reliable information about treatments available for headaches and plan to use information from a Website you found. What is the most important thing to think about as you decide whether or not the Website information is reliable? *
6. You want to use this information in your research paper on cloning - "Most disturbing of all, some researchers want to use cloning to create human beings solely for experimentation and destruction. They purpose to supply genetically matched tissues for treating various diseases by making human embryos from patients' body cells, then dissecting these developing embryos for their 'spare parts'. Some even speak of growing genetically altered 'headless' or 'brainless' human clones as organ farms." - What is your next step after reading this information? *
7. If you are evaluating a Website's COVERAGE, which do you NOT examine until you've determined the coverage is good? *
8. Which of the following is the best criterion to use when evaluating a Website? *
9. Often the Web page title will alert a researcher to bias. Based on the following Web page title, indicate the likelihood of bias in the page information -"Giving up on Democracy: Why Term Limits are Bad for America". *
10. The "last updated" date for a Web site on cancer research is "January 2007". Would you use it for your research paper? *
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