Vending Commission Application 2019-2020
The Center for Student Life and Leadership Development Vending Commission Application is a once a year opportunity to garner money from the on-campus vending machines and provide funding for events, activities, and programs that are student focused. In order to qualify for funding through the Vending Commission, a program, item, or activity must benefit or target a maximum number of Skyline College students.
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Vending Commission Policies and Procedures
-This application is due BEFORE Monday, September 16th, 2019 12:00 PM
-Please note funding and award letters will be granted by Tuesday, October 1st, 2019
-You can request up to $1000 per year
-The event MUST benefit a MAXIMUM number of Skyline students and be open to the entire campus
-Depending on the number of requests and kind of requests, the Vending Commission Committee will do their best to grant funding

-What can I NOT use Vending Commission for?
Attendance at conferences, meetings, retreats, field trips, or conventions that benefit only the individual club, class, or department, funding a fundraiser, operating or startup costs for a specific club, payment of membership fees, individual or group scholarships

-Who can I apply?
All Skyline College departments, clubs, organizations, and programs may submit this proposal to the Vending Commission for review

-What happens if I'm granted funding?
At the event: A valid (Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Skyline College Student Body Card) must be checked in order for anyone to receive a promotional item and this list of G#s must be submitted with your requisition. Any spending outside of the listed limits cannot be reimbursed. The awarded money can only be used for items listed in your award letter.

Advertising Your Event:
For any and all advertising materials, you are required to include:
“Sponsored by The Center for Student Life and Leadership Development Vending Commission" and include the ASSC logo.
At Least ONE WEEK Before Your Event: Send a digital copy of your advertisement for the event. 72 Business Hours After Each Event Occurs send the following to A list of G#s from all students in attendance with valid Skyline College Student Body Card, at least one quality picture of the event with a short synopsis of the event details to post on the Student Life social media account.


To be eligible for reimbursement and/or payment, your finalized requisition must be submitted with original receipt(s) and/or invoice(s).

Funds must be used BEFORE Thursday, April 23, 2020
Departments, programs, and clubs are responsible for monitoring their spending to ensure they are staying within their budget.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process your requisition if any of the above procedures are not followed.
Your Name (first & last name): *
The department, club, or organization you are a part of: *
Your event title: *
Amount of money you are requesting ($1000 Maximum): *
Please provide information on co-sponsorship for this event: *
Date(s) you would like to have this event: *
Time frame you would like to have this event: *
Who is your target audience? *
Expected attendance: *
Location of event: *
Detailed description of event: *
Goals of this event: *
What are the event benefits to Skyline College students? *
Cost breakdown of event: *
Statement of Understanding: I acknowledge that by clicking "I Agree" below, I have read and agree to all of the above policies and procedures surrounding the Vending Commission. I understand that if I am awarded any funds, I will read all the procedures and stipulations of my entire Vending Commission grant letter and will take full responsibility if these procedures and deadlines are not met. *
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