IASS Bursary Fund Application
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Your Place and Program of Study *
For instance, "University of Toronto, Ph.D. Philosophy"
IASS Conference or Other Purpose for Requested Support *
For instance, "I am requesting funds to support my attendance at the History of Economics Society meeting in Chicago."
Proposed Trip or Project Budget *
This can be fairly brief, but please break down your projected expenses for the conference or project into at least two or three categories and provide a total. For instance, you might write: "Airfare from home (Chicago) - $500. Hotel for three nights: $300. Uber/subway to and from airports: $ 100. Total: $900." Note, this number is not necessarily the same as the amount you request from IASS.
Other Sources of Support *
Please briefly detail any other sources of support for your trip or project. For each source indicate whether you've actually received or have merely applied / plan to apply for aid. Please also enter the amount you either received or requested. You can enter N/A if you have no other sources of support.
Amount of Support Requested from IASS *
Please enter the requested support amount in US dollars. NOTE: it will be very unusual for the Bursary Fund to be able to provide more than a $500 grant. Please ask for only what you need.
Brief Description (Abstract) of Project or Paper *
Please keep your abstract brief, around 200 words. Overly long abstracts may not receive full consideration.
Reference *
Please share with us with the name, professional position, email and phone number for a reference who knows you and your work well (typically your advisor or other mentor).
Optional Comment
This field is not mandatory, but if there are special circumstances our review board should know about as they review your application, please share those briefly here.
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