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Hello! Please can you leave any comments on the school or newspaper here, and Jamie and I will endeavour to destroy them (and, for that matter, you) in our segment Letters to the Editor. Alternatively, leave a personal problem for Beth and Meg to respond to in their Agony Aunt column. For legal reasons we cannot guarantee good advice from them, or indeed even a response at all.

You have the option for us to either use your real name, a pseudonym or just credit you as "anonymous". Either way, write that below too. If we don't like your pseudonym we may well just make another one up instead.

Obviously we reserve the right to not use your comment if it's offensive, doesn't really work in the format or theme of the issue or any other reason, but really as long as it's not inappropriate you've got a fair chance of appearing in the issue.

- Chief Editor Ben "Big Boy Bevans" Evans

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