Mumbai Medical Services directory
We are setting up a directory for the months of May-June-July 2020. If you are working in these difficult times then please let us know.

This is how it works -

1. Any patient who needs emergency consultation will call a central number 02248971117. This number is now live.

2. A BHMS doctor is handling all calls round to clock.

3. The doctor will ask symptoms, make an assessment of the emergency of the situation and determine which specialty to refer the patient to.

4. They will also ask Covid-19 related questions to screen the patient and relatives.

5. Geographical area of patient will be asked and relevant doctor list will be retrieved. The patient will be given doctor names and qualifications and hospitals they work in. The patient will choose their doctor.

6. The chosen doctor will be called and given the patient's history. If the doctor accepts then depending on your preference, you can be given the patient's details or vice versa.

7. The specialist can charge their usual fees and do not need to share any charges with us. If you are willing to see poor patients then please indicate so in the free text.

8. Your data is protected with us and we do not share it with the patients.

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any medical decisions and service provided by the specialist doctors. We are only helping by keeping a directory.
If you have difficulty in filling in this form then please contact one of the numbers below
Mr. Archit Vakil 9820879530
Dr. Nimitt Nagda 9920128045
Dr. Kekin Gala 9820161730
Dr. Kant Shah 9930303217
Your name *
you do not need to add 'Dr.'. please write your name and surname.
Qualifications *
this will be informed to the patient if they ask
Phone number - 10 digits, no spaces, zero or +91 *
this will not be disclosed to the patient unless you have accepted the patient. please do not add 'zero' or '+91'
Email address *
this is for internal purposes only
Specialty *
if you wish to choose more than one specialty then you will have to fill in another form. we generally do not encourage this. you can fill only five forms in total.
Area of practice *
you may choose more than one area of practice by filling in another form. you can fill up to five forms in total.
Hospitals/Clinics you visit in the above chosen area *
use comma to separate names of all hospitals you are woking in this area
Hours of working *
please write in free text what hours are you working. eg. 24 hours or OPD only 2 pm to 5 pm etc.
Will you take emergency calls round the clock? *
Will you do home visits if required? *
Are you fully set-up for Video Consultation and willing to offer that? *
Please confirm your participation in this directory *
Additional information
if you wish to inform our doctors about your practice please write here. eg. charges, whether you treat free patients, etc.
your suggestions are valuable to us. please let us know what you think.
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