Nashville Rising Song Songwriter Open-Mic Contest Signup Form
Fill out and submit the form to let us know you plan on coming out to a prelim round. Make sure to read our rules before filling out this form at:

NOTE: If you sign up as a duo, you cannot also sign up as 2 single contestants. Pick one or the other.

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We may contact you to let you know of our events, and we may provide your email address to our prize partners who may email you to let you know about their products or services. Let us know if you are OK with this.
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Just need the numbers ie: 6158675309. No dashes or these thingys ( ) we won't call you, but we may text you if we need to get ahold of you in a hurry. (especially if you win a round or make the finals)
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Let us know what you play. We do not allow Performance Tracks to be played off a phone, or CD or any device. No Acapella (singing without an instrument). You can have someone else play for you, but make arrangements for that ahead of the round. Learn more at:
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This part is for you to let us know the prelim round(s) you plan to come out and compete. Letting us know does not mean you will definitely perform your song. It depends on how many show up at the round. You can compete in as many rounds as you like (if you win a prelim round you come back for the semi-final). Every round is a new event with new industry judges and many new writers. Learn about our rules at:
Want a Guaranteed Performance Slot (GPS)?
We have a total of 21 slots at each prelim round. We offer up to 10 paid guaranteed slots at each prelim round. These slots go fast! Paid slots are $25 and go towards 1 round. After submitting this form, you will be given instructions on how to pay for your slot if you have not already done so. (We still have GPS Slots for All rounds but they are filling fast!)
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After submitting the form, the page will refresh with more info on the event, and if you signed up for a paid slot, you will be able to remit payment to get locked in. Any questions, text Keith Mohr at 931-674-1799. Thx!
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