ADS Reference - Employer or Teacher
Thank you for taking time to fill out this character reference form. The applicant that gave you this form has applied to be a student in the Antioch Discipleship School (ADS) beginning in September 2019. This reference is for information concerning the applicant's character and fitness for this school. The Training School staff values your honest, straightforward answers, evaluating his/her strengths and weaknesses. Your prompt cooperation in filling out this form
will be greatly appreciated. Be assured that your reply will be held in strict confidence and that the applicant will not see this form after you complete it.
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Does the applicant have the ability to make decisions and follow through with them? If no, please explain. *
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Can the applicant take responsibility and demonstrate leadership? Give examples: *
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To your knowledge, how does the applicant respond under difficult circumstances? *
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Have you ever had reason to question the applicant’s morals? If yes, please explain. *
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Social poise
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Respected by peers 
Perseverance in completing a task
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