VPII Homeowner Survey
Victoria Park II members,

First and foremost, we hope that this letter finds you well. Your Homeowner’s Association Board is currently working on the budget for 2020, as well as a long-term plan for Victoria Park II. As you know and see, many homes in Victoria Park are being updated, renovated and transformed from the 1980s-1990s look to a more modern and finished home. Similar to all these homes, the community itself has aged and is starting to show its age (very few updates over the years). We hope to get some ideas and thoughts from all of you on “Where do you see Victoria Park II in the next 5 years, 10 years?

Through conversations in the community and at our board meetings (now held on the 2nd Thursday evening of each month at 6:30 pm), we have heard opinions from a owners ranging from, the community is spending too much money and we need to keep the dues low or reduce the dues from the current $550 annually … to we want to see the community come up to a more modern look (i.e. New entrance for the community, community park updates, expanded playground in the park, increased pool and park security, renovate the pool area and tennis courts…etc.) There are pros and cons to both viewpoints. Low dues are something that attracts many people but also means that less maintenance and repair work is being done to our common area facilities. Making improvements to our facilities means spending a few more dollars which would either raise dues or require a one-time assessment, but may also raise the values of the homes in the neighborhood thus supporting all of our resale values.

We are coming to you, to see what you, as a member of our community wants for the future of VPII. We understand that all households are not in the same financial standing and that not all homeowners are in the same time in their lives. We are currently at a crossroads with some items that are currently being considered due to community/facility needs, not necessarily desire. Many of these items came up prior to their expected repair/replacement timeline within our budget. Because of this, we risk spending money sooner than expected, however your board is committed to our fiscal stability so ‘wants and needs’ for our community are being reviewed:

1. Fencing around the pool and tennis courts – $25,000 for basic repairs to $90,000 new and updated look
2. Pool area – general area maintenance to keep things working - $3,000-5000
3. Lighting for tennis courts - $12,000 lights only to $30,000 if we have to replace the poles
4. Dredging the drains for the lake - $60,000 to $80,000 this has to be done as the storm sewers are backing up on our side of the drain piping (not the county side).
5. Replacement of mailboxes - $80,000 just new lights & paint mailboxes to $135,000 whole new mailbox

All of these items are being shopped and negotiated to get the prices down, however these are the initial bids that are coming in.

We have created this short survey to gather your opinions and insight.

Please fill out the survey and add pages if you need to ensure your voice is heard. Everyone’s opinion matters, please let us know your thoughts.

Please return ASAP in one of the following manners: Mail the survey to Cambridge Management, drop it off with an Association Board Member, scan and email it to AmberP@cambridgeswfl.com or fill it out on line at www.victoriapark2.com.

If you are or your company would be able to assist us with repairs, construction, plans, etc… we would love to hear from you. If we could accomplish some of these items with sweat equity from our neighborhood coming together, we could save money over the long haul. Ultimately, we are here to best serve you and our great community. We look forward to hearing from you all. Please return these surveys no later than November 7th, 2019.

Best Regards,

Your Victoria Park II Board

Are you satisfied with the condition of the common areas?
Pool House
Tennis courts
Boat Ramp area
If not, what do you not like? Please be specific:
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How often do you use our ‘Community’ Amenities (pool area, park/courts, boat ramp, dock)?
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Would you like to see repairs made to common areas to bring them up to like new condition? Or is the current level of maintenance acceptable?
We have been experiencing vandalism in the pool area. To help curb the vandalism, we are considering additional fencing, security cameras and an electronic lock system so we know who enters the area. Do you have any concerns about any of these systems being put in?
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Would you like to see improvements made to any of the common areas?
Which area? Is there a specific improvement?
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If the decision were to be made to improve areas and an assessment would be issued…Would you prefer to pay for the improvements through a one-time special assessment (ex: $1,000 per home) or through increased dues over 5 years (ex: $200 per yr increase for the 5 years)?
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