The Business School is a business research and development organization helping people build and optimize their business and financial system. THE OWN YOUR LIFE WORLD CAMPAIGN is a non-governmental initiative that helps selected people raise enough funds to start a business, expand an existing business or fund any capital project of their choice without taking loans from the banks, without dropping collateral and without having to pay back the money generated.

This survey aims at analyzing the cash flow levels of Nigerians in urban centers and their willingness to take back control of their lives by building independent business systems.
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Will your current job or business give you your dream lifestyle and allow you to achieve all your money dependent dreams in the next 5 years? *
If you lose your job today or become unable to work or do your business for whatever reason, how long will it take you to use up your savings? *
An asset puts money in your pocket and a liability takes money from you. Do you currently have any cash generating asset outside of your job or business that puts money in your pocket every month? *
Are you truly satisfied with and enjoying your current career? *
Does your current job or business give you complete money freedom to spend as you deem fit? *
Can you transfer your current job or business to your next of kin? *
Do you have any business project in mind that needs funding? *
Are you open to other cash generating opportunities outside of your current job or business? *
Have you ever heard of "THE OWN YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN (OYLC)? *
The OYLC business school would be selecting a couple of individual who require assistance in raising funds to start or fund business/project over the next 7 days. Would you like a VIP reservation to discuss with The Business School? *
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