SSCC 2019/2020 Tuition Assistance Application
The South Shore Children’s Chorus aims to present quality arts education at affordable prices to
make this fantastic program accessible to any qualified student who wants to be involved. If finances are an issue for your family, please fill out all of the information below to be considered for a scholarship. Our SSCC Scholarship Committee will review your application as soon as possible.
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SSCC offers a monthly payment plan to help families afford our tuition. This spreads our yearly tuition out into 6 affordable payments from September - February. Those who use our monthly payment system must enroll using a credit or debit card in the automatic payment system through Chorus Connection, and must commit to our full year of programming. Our need-based Tuition Assistance program discounts this monthly payment to ensure your child is able to participate.

Non-Discounted Tuition Prices: 2019/2020
Kindergarten: $300/year, or $50 for Monthly Payment Plan
1st-3rd Grade Training Choir: $525/year, or $87.50 Monthly Payment Plan
Intermediate Choir: $575/year, or $96 Monthly Payment Plan
Advanced Choir: $650/year, or $109 Monthly Payment Plan
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