Parent Code of Conduct
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Do not force your child to be involved with gymnastics. It should be fun and enjoyable for BOTH YOU and THE CHILD.
Emphasize enjoyment and fun, praise your child's effort as well as their improvement.
Bring your child on time for all practices and competitions.
Warm up time is essential in preventing your gymnast from potential injuries. When your child is 15 minutes late, she will have to perform their warm-ups which in turn becomes a distraction for other children and coaches. No gymnast will be allowed to practice if she is 15 minutes late unless a prior arrangement has been made.
Always notify your child's coach if your child cannot attend a class.
Recognize the value and importance of the coaches. These people dedicate their time and efforts to help your children grow in this discipline.

Never argue with the coaches in front of the children.
Do not verbally nor emotionally abuse coaches, officials, gymnasts, or other parents. No derogatory gesture or remarks, or questionable behavior will be tolerated The following consequences will be enforced should this behavior be evident:
        A. First offense: a verbal warning will be issued
        B. Second offense: the behavior will be documented and dated, and your gymnast will be asked to leave the academy with no refund
Do not publicly question any official's decisions, and never doubt his or her honesty or professionalism within their practice.
Submit a payment for your child's tuition within the first 5 days of a session to insure a place for your child in our academy.
Pick up your child on time at the conclusion of each class.
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