Athens MakerSpace Class Proposal Form
Please complete and submit this form if you would like to teach a class at Athens MakerSpace. The makerspace is not yet open to the public because facility renovations are being completed first, but we want to line up our initial class offerings as soon as we can. Please consult the class proposal fact sheet here ( for guidance about the tools we will have and some of the classes we have in mind. If your class proposal is selected for further consideration, we will contact you about next steps.
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Participant target audience(s). Please describe the primary audience(s) for your proposed class in terms of age or other characteristics. Please note that many of the power tools in the makerspace cannot be used by anyone under age 16. Also please note that the makerspace will have some flexible class areas, without permanent tools, where tools and supplies can be moved in and out for classes. *
Required or Discouraged Attire. Please specify attire requirements or restrictions that would apply to your class, such as no open-toed shoes, no flammable clothing material etc.
Facility Requirements. What do you need for this class including tools, audio/video equipment, tables, chairs etc) *
Pre-requisites. Is there any prior knowledge or experience required for people to participate in this class? *
Material Requirements. What materials will be required FOR EACH STUDENT? *
Material Costs. How much do you estimate materials will cost FOR EACH STUDENT? *
Proposed Class Cost per student *
Class Description. This is a draft of the class description that would appear on the makerspace website. What will students do in the class and what knowledge, skills, items or other takeaways will they get from it? *
Instructor Bio. This is a draft of the instructor description that would appear on the makerspace website. Please emphasize the experience and skills that make you a good instructor for this class. 4 sentences maximum. *
Other Information. Is there any other information we need to know about you or your proposed class?
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