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Who we are! Incorporated in 1986, we are a leading manufacturers of stock and custom displays, capable of servicing small and large volume accounts on a demanding schedule. Our philosophy has, and continues to be based on meeting the customers needs through honesty, integrity, fairness, quality, service and extraordinary value.

What we do! We design, fabricate, imprint and provide fulfillment services in house on all our stock, molded and custom displays. Every member of our organization is committed to providing exceptional value and superior service to our customers. With our modern manufacturing facility, we are able to control quality throught the entire production process; assuring that orders are filled promptly, accurately and with complete customer satisfaction. We are confident that you will find our work to be exceptional.

What you'll receive! Whether you order stock items or custom pieces you will always receive:

Creativity: We will custom design displays that work best for you. Your displays will become reality through our attention to detail and our commitment to working with you.

Quality: Our production team is geared to provide the highest quality product with guaranteed lowest prices. Long term relationships with customers is the reason for our success.

Service: It starts with attentive listening to our customers needs, good communications between our customers and customer service reps, and always with a quick response. Clarity and thoroughness is crucial in providing our customers with what they want, on time and within their budget.
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Sign Holders Anaheim - (714) 527-1179
Brochure Holder Anaheim - 92801
Acrylic Counter Top & Wallmount Brochure Displays

Buy Straight from a US Manufacturer! We Offer Countertop Brochure Holders and Acrylic Literature Displays at Competitive Prices. Call 866-235-1216 for Bulk Pricing. We Offer Countertop Brochure Holders at Competitive Prices. We Help Presenting your Marketing Literature & Advertisements. Call 866-235-1216. Find hundreds of different acrylic brochure displays in various sizes, colors and styles in our catalog! These clear acrylic displays help present your marketing literature and advertisements in a professional manner that advances the image of your company brand image. Quality, affordability and professionalism is what our displays provide your company.

Customers are not likely to pick up advertising literature when scattered across a table or counter. An acrylic countertop display provides an affordable way to raise it to the consumer's eye level. Available for countertop and/or wall mounting! Advertise more by adding a business card pocket or brochure pocket to any acrylic display.

Check out our Brochure & Literature Holders here :
Plastic Sign Holders Anaheim - (714) 527-1179
Acrylic Sign Holders Anaheim - 92801
Suggestions | Donation | Ballot Boxes

One of the best marketing devices is the suggestion box. It allows customers or employees to communicate with management in an anonymous way that supports the open sharing of input. Feedback from customers or employees can be invaluable in improving goods and services. Businesses have understood this for many years which make the suggestion or ballot box an important communication device.

There are several styles and designs used for collecting suggestions or votes. Boxes come in a number of sizes and can be clear or colored. Many businesses use these as a way of finding out is customers were satisfied with the service they received like in a restaurant or beauty salon. In some companies, the boxes are left in lunch rooms and other common areas where employees can deposit ideas for improving procedures or increasing productivity. The anonymous nature of these boxes encourages people to participate without fear of conflict or confrontation.

Learn more about our Suggestion & Ballot Boxes here :
Custom Acrylic Displays Anaheim - (714) 527-1179
Acrylic Brochure Holders Anaheim - 92801
Multi-Pocket Brochure Holders

Many businesses utilize a multitude of informational handouts to spread the word about their products and services. This might be in the form of standard sized brochures, business cards, deluxe brochures with a non-standard width or even booklets that measure 8" x 11". Finding a way to display such a diverse range of paper products can be a challenge until the multi-pocket brochure holder is discovered.

One of the best ways to make a wide variety of informational materials available to your customers or visitors is with multi-pocket brochure holders. They are available in a wide spectrum of sizes and configurations so that businesses can distribute their brochures and flyers in a professional and convenient way.

One of the businesses that can put the multi-pocket brochure holder to work for them is real estate agents. With a large pocket for either flyers about a particular property or a booklet on properties in the area in the back and a slot for business cards in the front, the savvyreal estate agent has placed all the necessary information in one convenient location. These table top brochure holders typically have slots for 2, 3 or 4 brochures in a tiered display. Some offer the additional pocket in front for business cards. Another variation is a multi-pocket design on a turntable that can be used in areas where space is limited.

Read more about our Multi-Pocket Holders here :
Multi Pocket Brochure Anaheim - (714) 527-1179
Plastic Brochure Holders Anaheim - 92801
Business Card Displays

Business cards can be traced back to the 17th century and the nobility of Europe. At the time they called visiting cards and were presented to the servant of a household when nobility came calling. Later they were called trade cards in 17th century London when tradespeople used them to describe the businesses and locations. In the 18th century, calling cards were used to announce the arrival of a man calling on a lady. By the late 18th centuries, the ideas of the trade cards and calling cards were combined into what is now known as business cards.

With such a long and storied history, it is no wonder business cards are still in use today. Business card displays now make it easier to get vital contact information into the hands of potential customers and clients. Card displays can be set or mounted just about anywhere. With the variety of styles and configurations now on the market, there is no reason for any business or business person to do without this valuable tool. Whether you have one card or 12 to display, there is a business card holder to match your needs.

Business cards are used by all sorts of industries and professions. Today we even have vanity cards people can hand out even when they aren't promoting a business. A display on the corner of your desk or in the waiting room of your office puts your cards within easy reach of customers. They can also be left in remote locations as a means of increasing business even when you aren't there to do it yourself.

Check out our Business Card Displays here :
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Anaheim Display Holders - 92801
Merchandise Displays

Retailers and other businesses often have unique items or giveaways to display for their customers. Things like informational CDs or DVDs, coupons and other giveaway items can be displayed on desks, countertops and checkouts. This puts them in the customer's line of sight where they will do the most good. As a business tool, merchandise displays such as holders for these types of products are an essential part of doing business.

Other types of displays are table or counter top easel and J-stands that allow you to share value sales or product information at the place where you interact with customers most. These can be stocked with flyers, pamphlets, catalogs or other types of marketing materials.

Retailers often use coupon holders that can be easily affixed to the shelf nearest the product that the coupon relates too. They can also be used at the checkout so customers can appreciate the savings you are sharing with them. Unique products that could tend to roll or fall or easily can be displayed in open topped acrylic boxes. This gives customers a clear view of the contents of the box and keeps the goods contained.

Learn more about our Merchandise Displays here :
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