The Wild Woman Retreat is a deep dive nourishing retreat into rediscovering your power, your strength, your confidence, and your resilience through engaging with the Wild Woman. This experience is an invitation to RECLAIM your wild, natural, instinctual, powerful nature. It’s a call to come back home to the earth and to yourself.

If this calls to you, I’d love to know more about you so we can feel into if this is the right experience for you!

Completing the application does not make you financially responsible in any way. It’s just the next step in telling me you’re interested!

After I receive your application, if I feel like you're a good fit for the retreat, my team will contact you to set up a time for us to connect and discuss details.

There are only 8 spots available and I will be filling them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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What can you share with me about where you are in your life right now? What do you know today? What remains unseen or unknown? *
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What would you like to receive from this retreat together? *
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What is stirring in your soul? What’s aching in you to come out, be set free? *
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What would have to be true about the retreat in order for it to feel like a good value for your time and money? What would you need to RECEIVE from our time together? *
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You are in no way financially obligated or bound to the Wild Woman Retreat by filling out these questions. This application is just your way of letting me know you're interested. Once I receive your responses, if I feel like you're a good fit for this experience, my amazing assistant Liz will be in touch with next steps

With huge, amazing, wild love.


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