Aleatha Romig's 2020 Pre-order for Book Bonanza
This form is to to pre-order Aleatha Romig books for Book Bonanza, August 2020.


I will only bring a VERY LIMITED number of non pre-ordered books with me. I HIGHLY recommend to pre-order any book(s) you want, or bring your own copies.

Pre-order is available until July 10, 2020.

Pre-orders must be paid in advance of the signing.

Invoices will be sent via PayPal on July 11 and must be paid in full by July 16, 2020.

Any unpaid invoice will be canceled.

Books are not signed or personalized until you arrive at my table.

It is the buyer's responsibility to pickup pre-ordered books at my table during Book Bonanza (or send someone to do it for you.) *If shipping is later required, the expense will be billed to the purchaser.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you.

Any further questions can be sent to me @:

Thank you for understanding.


**My books are priced based on my cost and postage. There are many instances when Amazon or other retailers will do price reductions. YOU ARE WELCOME to purchase elsewhere and bring me books to sign. I'll happily accommodate you anyway possible.
Your first and last name: *
Will someone else be picking up your books? *
Name of person picking up your books.
Email address where you can be contacted for questions: *
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The following books are $15 each. Indicate the book (s) you would like to pre-order.
The following books are $10 each. Indicate the book(s) you'd like to pre-order.
The following novella is $5 . Please indicate if you'd like to pre-order.
Please add up your total order and enter the amount due: *
The following books will be signed, but are not available for pre-order. Please bring them with you to Book Bonanza.
*Truth (Consequences book 2), *Convicted (Consequences book 3), *Revealed (Consequences book 4), *Beyond the Consequences (Consequences book 5), Behind His Eyes Consequences (A Consequences companion), Behind His Eyes Truth (A Consequences companion), and The Behind His Eyes Box set - containing BHE Consequences and BHE Truth.

All of these books are available on Amazon or other book retailers.
Into the Light and Away From the Dark (Light duet)
These traditionally published books will be available from the bookseller at Book Bonanza or can be purchased from Amazon or another retailer and brought to Book Bonanza.
Hard cover books:
Consequences and The Price of Honor are available in hard cover with dust jacket through Barnes and Noble's website. If you'd like me to sign a hard cover book, please purchase from B&N and bring it with you. I'll be happy to sign!
Please indicate the following: *
Thank you!
See you soon,

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