BLFC 2019 Noisy Floor Application
NO ELEVATORS! As long as:

* You and your roommates don't mind noise and can sleep through whatever
* You promise not to submit noise complaints to the hotel.
* You don't mind parties nearby (or you want easy access).
* You don't bring subwoofers and keep your music no louder than conversation level.
* You can still have low-key parties in your room like you can on any floor.
* If you want to have a bigger open-door party, the Party Floor is the place for you! Apply for the party floor instead at

This form is for people who don't mind being on the "party floor," but don't plan to throw their own open-door party. If you do want to throw a party, see for the party floor application form (which isn't ready quite yet).

Note: this floor has spent some time as a floor for smoking guests. The hotel assures us they will do everything in their power to clean up any stale smells before we arrive. If you are very sensitive and/or allergic to cigarettes, we recommend you forego this floor. We ask that you please not smoke on this floor during the con, to help make the hospitality floor more inviting to all.

Thank you for being willing to be on the noisy floor! Generous people like you being a noise shield are what enable us to have a proper party floor.

Email address *
WARNING: if your original reservation was for a Summit room, moving to the noisy floor may cause a price increase of about $34 a night.
If you booked a room in "A hotel," there should be no price increase.
What kind of room do you want? *
It doesn't matter what you originally booked; you'll get what you pick here, if there's still space. Queens are claimed faster than kings; answer "either is fine" if you want a 2-queen but would settle for a 1-king.
What's your hotel reservation number? *
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