Peer Feedback -- Presentation
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Presenter *
Who are you observing?
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Eye Contact *
The presenter keeps eye contact with the audience most of the time.
Not very much
Just right
Voice Modulation *
The presenter speaks clearly, not too fast or slow, and loudly enough for everyone to hear.
Not so much
Just right
Manner of Voice *
The presenter speaks in a style appropriate for the occasion.
Not really
Just right
Audio/visual Aids *
The audio/visual aids add to the presentation and do not distract from the topic.
Distracting/ Unrelated
Just right
Audio/visual Aids 2 *
The audio/visual aids are easy to hear/see (use of color and font, etc.).
Unclear/Difficult to see/hear
Just right
Content *
The driving question or thesis point is clear.
Not stated or unclear
Clearly stated
Content 2 *
The content includes evidence and interpretations to answer the DQ or support the thesis.
Lack of sufficient evidence and interpretations
Sufficient evidence and interpretations
Sources & Citations *
List of physical sources, links to online sources, and/or in-text citations are provided in a manner best suited to the medium.
No sources or not appropriate for the medium
Sources provided appropriately
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