2018 Pickens Football Registration - Managers
Thank you for signing up to be a manager for 2018 Pickens Football! We want to make this year the best year yet!

Please complete all of this registration form.

All players must do the following to participate in football:
- Complete this registration form
- Be academically eligible
- Sell 5+ discount cards OR get a sponsorship
- Follow the team policies and procedures

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By entering your electronic signature below you are stating you understand that in order to participate in PHS football in 2018 you must meet the minimum requirements to participate. This means you must be academically eligible, and participate in the team fundraisers. All managers should either sell 5 discount cards OR get a sponsorship to participate. A minimum of 5 cards must be sold. If Managers get sponsorship they will get tennis shoes and shirts/shorts just like the players.
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