Practical Kaizen
CJCC is pleased to organize an intensive course by JICA expert on the topic of "Practical Kaizen" on November 6 - 8, 2019. Our JICA expert in the field of Japanese Management and KAIZEN is Mr. Shigeki TSUCHIYA, counsellor of Japan Productivity Center (JPC).

About the Trainer:
Mr. Tsuchiya has over 20 years experience working for a chemical company before he become the counselor of Japan Productivity Center. He has been involved in technical cooperation for productivity and quality improvement (KAIZEN) with various countries in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, South America and Africa. He was also involved in JICA’s project “Standardization of KAIZEN”.

Course Content :
1. Objectives of KAIZEN
2. Basic concept of KAIZEN
3. KAIZEN and Innovation
4. QCC (Small Group Activity)
5. Implementation of KAIZEN
6. Revitalization of KAIZEN
7. Tools for KAIZEN (Part1 Basic tools)
8. Tools for KAIZEN (Part2 IE )
9. Case study of KAIZEN

Target Participants:
- Top management of a company
- Factory manager and candidates for factory manager
- Sales manager and candidates for sales manager

Course Fee: 150 USD
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