Chicago Press Application: RIOT FEST 2019


Thank you for your interest in covering Riot Fest 2019. In order to be eligible for press credentials for this year's festival read the rules below.

1. You must be on editorial assignment with an outlet that publishes music, entertainment, event, fashion, and/or cultural coverage. Because of the limited amount of credentials, freelance writers who are not on assignment will NOT be provided credentials. Editors must put in the request and copy the writers in the press application form.

2. Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, & YouTube are NOT considered eligible outlets for media credentials.

3. Photography websites, photographers, and/or videographers looking to build a portfolio will NOT be credentialed.

3-a. You must be on assignment. Point & Shoot cameras will not be permitted in the photo pits. This policy will be enforced by security.

3-b. Photographers are required to sign a standard photo release form before entering the venues. Photographers may also be required to sign a waiver restricting photography for particular artists on the bill, at the artist’s discretion.

3-c. Again – a photo pass is not a guarantee that photographers can shoot all artists. Exceptions may be granted for major national music publications/TV outlets.

4. Videography is not permitted through the promoter. Exceptions may be granted for major national music channels/TV outlets.

5. If you represent a college publication or radio station, please have the assigning editor submit the request. Also note the size of your school's student body.

***Each approved outlet will only be awarded two press credentials. Not all outlets will be approved. You must sign a waiver to be credentialed. Please fill out the official press application below. Feel free to contact press (at) RiotFest (dot) org with any questions.

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