Ms. Warburton's Report Card 2018
Please complete this report card to help me improve my teaching. Your response will be anonymous.
My teacher is organized, prepared, and professional. *
My teacher understands the math she teaches. *
My teacher has clear routines and systems for the start of class, homework, hall passes, etc. *
My teacher cares about me as a person and knows my name. *
My teacher keeps the classroom attractive and organized. *
My teacher motivates students to behave well and focus on learning. *
My teacher challenges me to think. *
My teacher gives me frequent opportunities to discuss math with my classmates. *
My teacher delivers math lessons with enthusiasm and clarity. *
My teacher regularly gives me opportunities to show what I know. *
My teacher gives me feedback that helps me learn from my mistakes. *
My teacher tries to include and teach ALL students. *
How is the difficulty level in this class? *
How is the pace (speed) of this class? *
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