Emergency Child Care for 5/26-5/29
Rochester Public Schools will offer Emergency Child Care for children in kindergarten through age 12 for children whose parents/legal guardians work in roles critical to patient care and the response to COVID-19.
Determining Eligibility and Care Availability
• Emergency Child Care is a service available ONLY to parents/legal guardians who work in roles defined as critical workers by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE): https://education.mn.gov/mdeprod/idcplg?IdcService=GET_FILE&dDocName=MDE032076&RevisionSelectionMethod=latestReleased&Rendition=primary.

• Free Emergency Child Care will be available weekdays, 9 AM to 3:45 PM, Monday, April 6, through Friday, June 5, during the COVID-19 pandemic, at Franklin and Sunset Terrace elementary schools. Due to enrollment numbers, we will be consolidating from our four sites to down to two sites.

• All participants must register weekly during this period, even those who participated during the previous period.

• Fee-Based Extended care is available 6:30 AM to 9 AM and 3:45 PM to 6 PM for children enrolled in Emergency Child Care.
Meals and Nutrition
• Breakfast and lunch will be available through Student Nutrition Services using your child’s lunch account, except for sites that qualify to provide free meals under the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

• Parents/guardians may choose to send a lunch with their child.

• For arrangements regarding special dietary needs (e.g., food allergies), please contact the RPS Dietician at (507) 328-4250.
• Emergency Child Care will provide transportation to/from school for care during normal school hours (pick-ups likely 8-9 AM, drop-offs likely 3:45-4:45 PM) for students who normally qualify for school transportation. For registrations that are submitted weekdays after 5:00 PM or on a weekend, transportation wold begin on the second day of care for those who qualify.

• Parents who require Extended Care before or after normal school hours must provide transportation.
Student Health and Safety
• School Health Offices will be open during normal school hours to handle most medications and health concerns.

• When Health Offices are not open, Extended Care staff will provide support for certain medications (e.g., epi pens, Benadryl, time-sensitive ADHD meds). You can provide this information when you register.

• Participants must be fever free, must not have had direct exposure in the last fourteen days to an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, and must not have traveled themselves in the last fourteen days to a country with a Level III Travel Health Notice by the Centers for Disease Control.

•All participants will participate in a brief health screening before entering the program. Children must be fever free without use of fever-reducing medications for 72 hours and must not be exhibiting symptoms of an active respiratory illness.

• Group child care carries inherent risks because of its nature as a congregate activity. By signing up for Emergency Child Care and/or Extended Care, I understand I am accepting the risks inherent in this activity and releasing Rochester Public Schools from all claims of injury that result from participation in Emergency Child Care and/or Extended Care.
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