Innovative analytical measurements - How?
Gaining really good insights in the performance of chemical products and applications is not easy. Standard tests are established - but often burning questions remain. What happens really???

We know this! And we have explored new analytical methods and build a network of experienced and reliable partners - and served many customers. But there is always more to know and to improve!

This survey takes you through some questions as how to find new methods, internal versus external labs and examples of new information. It may serve as a reflection for yourself as well as help us to serve you better.

Many thanks and kind regards
Ralf Dümpelmann

Managing Director and Founder of Inolytix Ltd
How do you find out about new analytical methods which might be really useful for you? *
Mostly used
Often used
Sometimes used
Rarely used
Not used
Printed media: journals, books,
Online media: journals, e-newsletters
Online searching: google, scifinder, ...
Personal internal relation: colleagues
Personal external relations: conferences, customers, fairs, ...
Others non specified here...
No need, I know all useful methods
What are your biggest hurdles to try some new analytical methods? *
strongly agree
somewhat agree
somewhat disagree
strongly disagree
I don't care...
Money! I don't have any budget for external tests.
Availability! I would like to, but it's not in-house and difficult external
Know-how! I don't know any useful new tests.
Doubts! I don't think that any other tests will be any good.
Time! I don't have time to engage in alternatives
Internal or external? Standard analysis is most often done in-house, but are new methods explored? *
We use mainly our in-house Analytical Service
We use External Analytical Labs if needed
We find easily the right External Analytical Labs
What is your biggest challenge with outsourcing measurements? *
What kind of information would enhance your product understanding?
YES, high value
YES, medium value
NO, low value
not applicable
Surface and interface properties
Nano-scale or 3D imaging
Space-resolved chemical analysis
Formulation behaviour, stability, rheology, optimisation
Very detailed chemical analysis, impurities, crystal structure
None of these, but...(please use comment field)
Clear selection
Further recommendations
Do you have any suggestion for us? Or specific questions? Please let us know!
We would like to hear more about your individual needs and challenges. Would you like us to contact you for a thought exchange?
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Many thanks for your input!
Ralf Dümpelmann

Managing Director and Founder of Inolytix Ltd
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